Congratulations if you are expecting!
These moments are precious and some moms to experience this to be one of the most beautiful moments of their lives. They just still miss being pregnant…
so why not capture and create these moments to last forever ?
Every time you see these images you will recall this beautiful experience of being able to give life and being blessed with this experience.

All our sessions are personalized to ensure that we capture your most natural smiles and expressions. We will capture you being the most beautiful future mommy, and the best is that you are lucky to create your memories in ARUBA.

Our recommendations for a maternity session are between 28 – 35 weeks of pregnancy! 

Are you ready to create your memories?

With our 60 minute package we will capture your images to cherish forever on your preferred location on the island. We will mainly focus on mom to be and will capture some family images as well.

As an experienced photographer we will capture all of your natural expressions while posing you and your family. As a mom of two I do understand the exhaution that comes with it as well, that is why we will go easy and take the time to capture these beautiful images on film.