I feel privileged to have the honor of preserving your memories for generations to come as your professional photographer in Aruba !!!

Hi, I am Mey Wong, a 37 year old professional photographer based in Aruba, wife and a proud mom of two.
So here is how my photography journey started in 2016, after meeting my husband, he believed, supported and backed me up into what passionates me and makes me HAPPY (in a short version).
 Photography has always been a hobby and I’ve always had this eye to capture life in a very unique,
& natural way. I love meeting people, chatting to them and finding out what their story is. So being a professional photographer is the perfect job. I think I’m one of the lucky ones to do what I love for a living.

But, before making photography my daily work, I’ve worked many years in a Civil Law Notary office in Aruba.  
I’ve taken photography classes at Unique Photo in Hoboken, New York, Graphic Design and Natural Light photography classes at Atelier’s Art School in Aruba since 2013. I have also completed my Middle/ Higher Management (John Maxwell) education and other photography programs in order to give you the best services possible.

Growing on this island had has its upsides of being able to communicate in four different languages, English, Spanish, Dutch & Papiamento.


My amazing, crazy & handsome son & my assistant as well!

My husband and me on our wedding day! 

My beautiful daughter!


Our goal is to provide you the most relaxing and comfortable photography experience from beginning to the end.

We are a dedicated photography team consisting of me and my assistant who is my oldest son. He is a very easygoing and social teenager (of course he got it from his mom) who loves what I do and is very interesting in learning the technicals and creativity of becoming a photographer. 

Not only will we be your professional photographers in Aruba but we will also be your next best friends helping you have the best experience while capturing your memories on this beautiful island of Aruba.